House Bills:

Surcharge On Crimes Against At-risk Persons
(HB 12-1226, 2012)

Status: Signed by Governor

House Sponsor: Mark Barker (R)
Senate Sponsor: Irene Aguilar (D)

Bill Summary:

  • The bill imposes a surcharge on persons convicted of crimes against at-risk adults and at-risk juveniles.
  • Once collected, the surcharge is transferred to the crimes against at-risk persons surcharge fund.
  • The state office on aging shall distribute moneys from the fund to a fiscal agent who will oversee the award of moneys to programs that provide respite services for caregivers of at-risk adults or at-risk juveniles.
  • Programs receiving moneys from the fund must comply with provisions concerning the use of funds and reporting requirements.
  • The court is permitted to waive some or all of the surcharge if the person convicted of the crime is indigent or unable to pay the surcharge.
  • The surcharge applies to offenses committed on or after July 1, 2012.

Respite Coalition Testimonial:

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