CO Caregiver Awareness Campaign

The Colorado Caregiver Awareness Campaign was created in order to raise awareness about caregiver issues in Colorado, and help connect Colorado family caregivers to available resources and supports in their local communities. 

There are 584,000 family caregivers in the state of Colorado (AARP). We know that caregivers often fail to self-identify, choosing instead to refer to themselves as a mother, brother, child or spouse of the loved one for whom they provide care. As such, family caregivers are often unaware of the resources that are available to support them, or think that they should be able to 'do it all' alone. The CO Caregiver Awareness Campaign intends to address this issue, through a statewide multimedia campaign.

Funding for the CO Caregiver Awareness Campaign was granted by the State Legislature, as part of the funded recommendations from the Respite Care Task Force (HB 15-1233).

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Join us and help to broaden the conversation about caregiving in Colorado, and help family caregivers connect to vital resources. The Colorado Respite Coalition will send you electronic and/or printed campaign materials to share with your community and clients, at no cost. The printed toolkit includes posters, postcards and bookmarks, and will be to your address or a centralized location nearby for pickup. The electronic toolkit includes all digital campaign images plus sample social media and e-newsletter text, and will be shared via email. To receive either or both campaign toolkits, please sign up using this form.

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