Family Caregivers

Family Respite Voucher FAQ

This program is for caregivers of people of all ages, with any special health care needs, in Colorado. Family caregivers must meet all listed requirements to be considered for voucher funds:
- I provide unpaid care for a family member, friend, or neighbor; both living in Colorado
- I provide full-time care (40 hours or more) weekly
- The care recipient has a special health care need (please review explanation box on application)
- Respite services will be delivered by an Approved Provider (List available online or by request)
- I am able to utilize the respite voucher over approximately 120 days, or by the expiration date
- My family is not currently receiving any funding that can be used for respite care (i.e. Medicaid waiver, Area Agency on Aging voucher). This program is designed as a Payer of Last Resorts.

Complete all sections of the Family Respite Voucher Application. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. Applications are accepted at all times on a rolling basis. Submit the application via email or mail. You will be contacted when the application is received. Vouchers are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Criteria for awards and use of vouchers are subject to change to best meet the needs of a varied group of caregivers.

You will get a confirmation of receipt of application via email. Notification of voucher awards are sent via email or phone. Funding is limited and no awards are guaranteed.

Award amounts may vary based on funding available, but often are between $250.00 and $1,000.00. Families must use the entire awarded amount as described on the voucher award letter prior to the expiration date. No families are guaranteed funds.

Contact the Colorado Respite Coalition (CRC) to confirm that you intend to use the voucher funds. Select a respite provider from the Approved Provider List. Then, contact the agency and let them know you have been awarded a CRC Family Respite Voucher. Provide the agency with the award letter. Finally, schedule respite services to use all voucher funds within the time frame detailed on the award letter.

Review the Approved Provider List (available online and in award packet). Select an agency based on location, ages served, and type of respite provided. Only Approved Providers may be used for voucher services. You may use multiple providers. If you face challenges in finding a provider, contact the CRC directly.

No, family, neighbors or friends may not be used as a provider. For this voucher, respite providers must be chosen from the Approved Provider List. However, the CRC is always accepting applications for new providers to be added. Please request a Provider Application if interested.

Voucher funds can only be applied to services that occurred between the award date and expiration date, as noted on the award letter. Vouchers must be used by the expiration date on the award letter or by the conclusion of the voucher program (whichever comes first).

Only providers from the Approved Provider List may be used for voucher funds. However, if there is a provider that you would like to utilize, please request a Provider Application or submit the provider’s contact information to have them added to the program. The CRC will make every effort to onboard new providers. It can take a minimum of two weeks for required fingerprint background checks to be completed, so please consider this when seeking to add a new provider.

Payment will go directly through providers. Families will not be reimbursed by the voucher program. There are no out of pocket fees for families, unless they exceed their award amount or select a provider with a service co-pay, which will be noted in advance. Providers submit monthly invoices and will be reimbursed directly by the CRC.

If the respite funds expire or are not completely used by the expiration date, notify the CRC immediately. Expired or unused funds will be redistributed to other applicants. Voucher recipients are expected to utilize the full respite voucher.

Yes. Families must complete and submit another application.

Complete the Family Exit Survey (online link provided by Approved Provider). The CRC is always eager to hear personal accounts regarding respite services or the effects respite has had on your family. Please contact the CRC directly if you are interested in providing a personal statement.