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Regional Respite Coalitions

Regional Respite Coalitions were established to have local participation from the respite stakeholders to address unique needs for specific areas of Colorado, and through collaboration, creating a statewide effort.

Regional Respite Coalitions are volunteer-led to host their own programs (including meetings or outreach) and report to the Colorado Respite Coalition, housed at Easter Seals Colorado. These local groups meet quarterly to network, share resources, and strategize solutions to advance respite access and services. Regional Respite Coalitions report back to the statewide CRC to help steer future efforts. 

Respite providers, community partners, family caregivers, and other interested parties are encouraged to join their local coalition. 

History of Regional Respite coalitions

Easter Seals Colorado and the Colorado Respite Coalition hosted three Regional Respite Summits in the fall of 2013 in Grand Junction, Denver and Colorado Springs. The goal of the Summits was to bring together key stakeholders in each region including policymakers, respite providers, caregivers, to discuss the state of respite in their communities and develop a plan to improve services and resources. The Summits were supported by the Colorado Trust’s Convening for Colorado program.

Attendees reported very positive feedback for each Summit and encouraged more in the future. The Summits were so successful that three new regional respite coalitions mentioned above emerged. Easterseals Colorado and the Colorado Respite Coalition currently work to build from the initial summits, establishing the regional coalitions listed below with continued expansion and growth.

Regional Coalitions are developing in new areas. To get involved, click your local region below to learn more. 

A HUGE thank you to all the dedicated volunteer regional coalition leaders across the state!

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