Neurodiverse D&D Club

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Event Details


Friday, Aug 23rd, 2019


6:00pm - 7:00pm


Dungeons and Dragons is an action-packed role-playing adventure game that appeals to many people n the spectrum. It can be a great vehicle to build social skills, and is a hobby that can lead to life-long opportunities for inclusive activities and friendships. The game provides an environment in which to rehearse and explore various social roles, leveraging imagination to nurture play, resilience, self-esteem, and other social skills. 

The neurodiverse D&D club is best suited for people age 8 and up who are able to communicate, read, understand and make decisions related to the game. This is an introductory level game, and we will spend about 20 minutes talking and 40 minutes playing a basic game. 

Anna Hanson is a veteran teacher and facilitator of typical and atypical individuals. Ian Hanson is an experiences Game Master with experience running games with neurodiverse populations.