Family Caregivers

Compensation For Caregiving


Although many family or informal caregivers do not receive compensation for their care, Colorado has some unique opportunities for caregivers like you to get paid for some of your time spent caregiving. Eligibility varies across programs.

Getting Compensated

Many caregivers like you who provide unpaid care for a relative or loved one with special needs may have the opportunity to be reimbursed or paid for some of your time spent caregiving. Such opportunities may benefit both you and your family. These benefits acknowledge that many caregivers are sometimes unable to work or must work reduced hours because of the care your loved one requires.

Being compensated for caregiving allows you to support yourself and your family. Eligibility and care type supported varies by program. Caregivers and the individual receiving care should carefully consider their options and discuss in depth with their support network and care manager if possible.

Many of the opportunities to be compensated for caregiving are self-directed care programs. In these programs, the loved one you are caring for works with a care manager to decide who to hire for their day-to-day care, and pays them directly. In many cases, the individual can hire the family members who are already providing daily care.

For Health First Colorado Members (Colorado's Medicaid Program) & their Families

There are various programs available to Health First Colorado Members and their families, including: 

Learn about how to access Health First Colorado, Colorado's Medicaid program

For Veterans & their Families

Learn about Veteran's Affairs (VA) benefits in Colorado. 

Family Caregiver as a CNA Supporting Agencies

There are many agencies that exist to help you get paid for caring for your loved one. If you already are, or are interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), you have several options. CNAs can provide skilled care with activities of daily living. Colorado permits family caregivers that become a CNA to be reimbursed through a licensed home care agency to provide CNA-level care through Colorado Medicaid or Colorado Medicaid Waivers.

Non-CNA Employed Family Caregiver Supporting Agencies

There are many agencies that exist to help you get paid for caring for your loved one. Through the Family Caregiver Act, family members who are not a Certified Nursing Assistant may also provide care for their loved one by being hired by a Home Health agency and reimbursed via Medicaid. Explore your options for agencies that can help.

Watch Our Webinar on Compensation for Caregiving

A panel discussion about Compensation for Caregiving Programs. Panelists from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Team Select, Solace Pediatric Healthcare share an overview of their programs with a focus on unique opportunities to be paid for time spent caregiving.