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Caring for a Child with a Disability


Taking care of a child with a disability can be overwhelming. You are managing the day-to-day logistics of supporting a growing child with extensive care needs, and at the same time, you are navigating the profound emotional experience of witnessing your child’s unanticipated challenges in life.

Colorado Respite Coalition connects you and your family with care providers so that you can take a break from the demands of constantly being in “parenting mode.” You make sacrifices every single day by doing what you have to do to give your child the best possible life, and you deserve a break.

When you take care of yourself, your child thrives.

Respite care gives you a break for a few hours or even a few days so that you can renew energy, reduce stress, and prevent burnout. It can also help you maintain stability in times of crisis. Respite care gives you the clarity and energy to be the parent your child needs to thrive.

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FAQ for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities:

Colorado Respite Coalition has numerous additional resources for family caregivers who want more information and education. We offer several initiatives that work directly with caregivers to help them become even better caregivers (and get better at taking a break!), including webinars and toolkits, training opportunities with partner organizations, and lunch and learns

Feelings of guilt in this situation are normal and understandable. As a parent, you feel a deep sense of responsibility for your child, especially if they navigate the world with one or more disabilities. However, it’s impossible to shoulder the responsibilities of caregiving without compromising your wellbeing. Colorado Respite Coalition is a resource and an advocate for people like you who are called to care.

Respite care provides temporary relief for family caregivers from the ongoing responsibility of caring for a child with a disability. Respite care typically involves bringing a care provider who can provide medical or companion care into the home, or taking the child to a day-long or overnight program at a facility with on-site support and activities for children with disabilities.

Respite care can also look like asking trusted family members, neighbors, or friends to care for your child so you can take a break. We can provide you with resources to help prepare your family and friends to safely care for your child. Contact us for more information at

You're in the right place! To find respite providers and programs so you can take a break, visit our Online Resource Finder. If you are worried that respite care might be too expensive, learn more about Compensation for Caregiving and Vouchers for Respite Care.

Supportive programs for parents of a child with a disability

We can connect you with several programs that provide age-specific respite services and resources for caregivers, including:

Learn more about programs and resources for parents of children with disabilities here

Build Your Skills as a Caregiver

Explore videos that cover helpful skills and knowledge for caring for a child with a disability.