There is no standardized or statewide certification or training requirement to be a respite provider in the state of Colorado.

Most respite care agencies have mandatory staff trainings. Some agencies have State-required trainings associated to certain licensure, for instance Child Care Licensing. However, these requirements and regulations are not respite-specific, or universal for all respite providers.

Requirements aside, respite providers – formal or informal – should always have adequate training to meet the needs of the individual(s) receiving care. It is necessary for providers to be fully capable of providing the required service to avoid uncomfortable or unsafe situations with clients, when working as an individual or for a respite agency.

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Looking For Training?

Respite care providers can access education and training on caregiving from a number of sources, including in-person training events and courses, online classes, written resources, and supporting organizations. The Colorado Respite Coalition Online Resource Finder is a free online tool that individuals may use to search for in-person and web based training opportunities across the state. Individuals and organizations that offer caregiver training and education may also add listings to the Online Resource Finder, at no cost.

To learn about trainings offered directly by the Colorado Respite Coalition, please see our Educational Programs page.

Respite Care Provider Core Competency Training Recommendations

As part of the Respite Care Task Force, the Colorado Respite Coalition developed training recommendations for Colorado respite care providers and employers. For more information on the Respite Care Task Force and the steps that led to these recommendations, please visit this page

The Respite Care Provider Core Competency Training Recommendations consist of a series of training skill statements, grouped into six core competency areas. Further, the three training tiers demonstrate the differing level of training skill required to provide companionship, personal, and medical-level respite care. These recommendations are only initial, and will be incorporated into a training toolkit for respite providers and employers. They are intended to support individuals across the respite industry. To view these initial recommendations, please click here.

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Family Caregiver Training & Education

Are you a caregiver interested in attending a training or educational class? The Colorado Respite Coalition (CRC) may be able to help! The CRC encourages caregivers to seek out trainings, conferences and other educational opportunities. In some cases, the CRC can support caregivers with small educational scholarships. If you are interested, please contact 303.233.1666 x8.