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2023-2024 State Respite Grant RFP is closed

The request for proposal (RFP) is open each year to qualified for-profit, nonprofit agencies or governmental entities currently providing respite services.

This program, funded by the state of Colorado, is an effort to respond to the respite care needs of Colorado's family caregivers of individuals with special needs, chronic conditions, older adults, foster children and kinship relations and more. Organizations will be awarded funds to support families in need of respite care. Thank you to the CDHS State Unit on Aging for supporting the Respite Grants program.

The application period for 2023 was April 17, 2023 - May 26, 2023. We expect the application period for 2024 to be around the same timeframe.

If there are any questions, contact us at mbettinger@eastersealscolorado.org.

Thank You to Our Past Grantees & Applicants!

FAQ For Community Grant Program

Depending on what types of checks were run, they may be allowed for this grant if they have been completed within the past 5 years. Checks must be approved prior to providing reimbursable services.

Any group operating an existing (not new) respite program is encouraged to apply. This could include in-home care services, a day program, a camp or other types of programs that provide a break for caregivers.

Grantees are required to maintain a privacy insurance policy, which can also be called cyber or professional liability, throughout the duration of the grant period. This is required to protect electronically-shared HIPAA information. There are required tiers for coverage based on the number of clients served annually or annual revenues. Further questions can be directed to your insurance agency.

Yes, agencies can be voucher providers and grant recipients at the same time. This is not required. An application to both programs must be submitted to participate in both programs. The community grants are agency-directed, whereas the vouchers are family-directed. A single family cannot be simultaneously served through both sources by an agency ("double dipping"). An agency can use grant funding for some families, and provide services through the voucher for others.

No, no funding can be used for food or beverages.

Yes, if the agency meets all other eligibility requirements. Agencies can receive other State funding as long as they do not "double dip" for respite services during the grant period, or serve families simultaneously with both. Agencies can be Approved Providers for the Respite Voucher Program in tandem with Community Grant recipients, though families cannot be simultaneously served through both sources.

Yes, applicants must use required budget template or get written permission from the CRC.

13% of proposed budget.
Indirect costs are costs that would be required even if program wasn't in existence. These may be things like agency insurance policy, which program pays an allocation of, but would be needed without the program. Direct costs are 100% needed for the services provided by program. Please note applicants should review current RFP for any changes within funding cycles.