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Caring for an aging family member can be hard work. You may already be balancing several other roles as a spouse, as a parent, and in the workplace. When these responsibilities become overwhelming, taking a break is essential. You are capable of stepping back from the day-to-day and experiencing the many benefits of respite care, like reduced stress and renewed energy.

The Colorado Respite Coalition offers programs and resources for you and the older adult in your life to get a break from one another and some much-needed rest. Let us help you navigate your options and find existing, personalized resources tailored to your family’s needs.

Respite care is worth it.

Taking care of an older adult isn’t easy, especially as you witness a loved one dealing with the complications of aging. If you are caring for an aging parent or grandparent, you may feel especially responsible for them because of the care they gave you as a child. If you are caring for a spouse, you may feel that you have to take on all of the care duties because you promised to always care for each other.

You don’t have to do all of the caregiving on your own. Taking a break is essential for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the person you’re caring for. Colorado Respite Coalition helps you tap into existing resources in your community so you can take a rest and come back refreshed and ready to be the best caregiver you can be.

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FAQ for Caregivers of Older Adults

Respite care provides temporary relief for family caregivers from the ongoing responsibility of caring for an older adult. Respite care typically involves bringing a care provider who can provide medical or companion care into the home or arranging for care at an Adult Day program.

Respite care gives you a break for a few hours or even a few days so that you can renew energy, reduce stress, and prevent burnout. Respite care can also help caregivers maintain stability in times of crisis.

To find respite providers and programs so you can take a break, visit our Online Resource Finder.  

Learn more about compensation for caregiving and vouchers for respite care.

Colorado Respite Coalition has numerous additional resources for family caregivers who want more information and education. We offer several initiatives that work directly with caregivers to help them become even better caregivers (and get better at taking a break!), including webinars and toolkits, training opportunities with partner organizations, and lunch and learns.

Supportive programs for family caregivers of an older adult

Colorado Respite Coalition can connect you with several programs and institutions that provide specific respite services and resources for caregivers, including:

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