Family Caregivers

Choosing A Respite Provider


Selecting a respite provider is an important decision for caregivers. It is essential to vet providers and ask questions to determine that it is the right fit for the person receiving care and for the caregiver's peace of mind.

It can be difficult to entrust care to a stranger. Caregivers can diminish this fear by doing some research and vetting to make sure their care provider is a quality fit.

Many agencies provide training and education to their respite providers. However, in the state of Colorado there is not a standardized required certification for respite providers, meaning training levels and abilities can vary.

parents with child at the dinner table

Hiring A Respite Agency

Respite agencies may be for- or non-profit organizations that provide a range of respite services. Most agencies have general training and conduct requirements for all staff.

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Hiring An Independent Provider

Independent providers give a range of respite care services on their own accord, without being attached to of a wider agency. Training and experience levels are dependent entirely on the individual provider.