Family Voucher Program

The Colorado Respite Care Program's Family Respite Voucher Program provides funds for respite care to family caregivers across the state of Colorado, serving all ages and special health care needs. This program offers a resource for unserved and underserved family caregivers who have limited access to respite care and/or other supports through current systems. This program is intended to act as a Payer of Last Resorts. Review the eligibility requirements below, then complete the application and submit accordingly.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions sheet below for additional information.

Current voucher term: September 15, 2018 - June 2019

Voucher Information for Families

Caregivers of individuals who need support with personal care, supervision, and monitoring, may find themselves in need of respite (or short breaks) from time to time. Eligibility for this program is not determined by age or income level. This program serves the state across the lifespan (all ages) and all special health care needs.

Family Forms

Voucher Information for Providers

The Colorado Respite Care Program is seeking applications from qualified agencies currently providing respite services in an effort to respond to the respite care needs of Colorado's family caregivers of individuals with special needs, chronic conditions, older adults, foster children and kinship relations (i.e. grandparent and grandchild).

Applications from for profit, non profit and government entities or agencies and organizations are accepted at all times.

Respite voucher providers may also be Community Grant recipients. Learn more about the Community Grants program under "Grant Opportunities".

Provider Forms

Contact Elle Billman at for questions or concerns regarding any part of the Respite Voucher Program.

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