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Family Voucher Program


The Colorado Respite Care Program's Family Respite Voucher Program provides funds for respite care to family caregivers across the state of Colorado, serving all ages and special health care needs. This program offers a resource for unserved and underserved family caregivers who have limited access to respite care and/or other supports through current systems. This program is intended to act as a Payer of Last Resorts. 

Family caregivers can receive financial assistance to access respite care. Providers can partner with the CRC to provide respite services as funded by the voucher program. 

Voucher Information For Families

Financial assistance program for family caregivers with limited access to respite, with respite care offered by Approved Provider agencies that meet the CRC's requirements.

Older Adult and Care Provider

Voucher Information For Providers

The CRC partners with agencies to provide respite care services through the voucher program, serving any age and any special healthcare need. Learn more about becoming an Approved Provider.