Taking care of yourself is an important part of taking care of others. Browse this page for practical ideas and strategies to integrate self care into your life. 

Self Care for the Caregiver

Are you interested in incorporating self care into your daily routine, but not sure where to start? Watch this video for tips on how to create a self care routine to help reduce stress, recharge, and be better prepared to take on your caregiving duties.

Resiliency for Caregivers Video & Guide

Learn the importance of building and practicing resiliency as a caregiver.

AARP Self Care Webinar

High levels of stress, increased isolation, and the balance of celebration and loss are all things many caregivers experience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we all are navigating these emotions and experiences in new ways. Finding ways to manage stress and practice self care is always important, and even more so now. Join us to learn quick, practical strategies for reducing stress in your life and adding moments of self care at home.

Caregiver Wellness Webinar & Toolkit

This toolkit will give resources to manage the challenges of providing care and how to better take care of yourself. It’s important to find the right self-care tools for you, so we hope you will try a few new things!

Kit de Herramientas para el bienestar del cuidador